Seville in Photos

Last week I was lucky enough to miss a week of college to go on a Spanish trip to Seville, in the Andalusian region of Spain. The week included staying with local hosts, Spanish lessons and tours of local tourist hotspots. Here are some of my favourite photos from the week…

giralda through archway

La Giralda (the bell tower of the Cathedral) from a nearby street


La Giralda up close. Fun fact – there are no steps up to the top, only ramps, as it used to be climbed five times a day to announce Muslim prayer, so horses were more efficient than walking.

A typical Sevillan street has at least one sign for Cruzcampo beer, as evidenced by this photo



Reputably the  best churros shop in Seville, I got churros from here three times and was never disappointed – also shoutout to our teacher for spending 50 euros buying us all churros!










torre del oro

windowbox flowersIMG_0158





how to become a morning person: a playlist


I have a certain playlist for walking to and from college, but even within that there are a lot of tracks I’ll skip in the mornings, and just a few that help to a) wake me up and b) make me walk fast enough that I won’t be late for college. Here’s a few of the songs that I like to think turn me into a fake morning person when combined with a gallon of tea (and there’s only a few Ed Sheeran songs, promise).

Let’s Dance To Joy Division // The Wombats

When The Sun Goes Down // Arctic Monkeys

Foundations // Kate Nash

How Far I’ll Go // Alessia Cara

Cocoon // Milky Chance

Shape Of You // Ed Sheeran

No Lie // Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa

Can’t Stop // Red Hot Chili Peppers

Love Is All I Got {Friction Remix} // Feed Me & Crystal Fighters

Barcelona // Ed Sheeran

Sexual // NEIKED

Wake Up // Circa Waves

Another Day of Sun/Someone In The Crowd // La La Land Cast

Bibia Be Ye Ye // Ed Sheeran

Something Just Like This // The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Down // Marian Hill

Galway Girl // Ed Sheeran

Stay // Zedd & Alessia Cara

what songs help motivate you and wake you up in the morning?

listen on Spotify here


5 Things That Surprised Me About New York

Almost a month ago(!) I got back from a six-day college film/media trip to New York City. I’ve always wanted to go to New York (#1 on my bucket list for approximately forever) so, even when the one other person I knew pulled out, I still went on the trip. It was lowkey terrifying, especially as I’d never flown out of Europe but I’m definitely glad I went, even if just for the Instagrams! (Oh, and we met Troye Sivan at JFK so that was pretty cool too) However, being me, I overanalyse everything and New York definitely wasn’t what I expected…so here’s 5 things that surprised me about New York City!


New York = London

I mean, obviously it doesn’t, but I was surprised by how London-like it felt. Thinking about it, it’s obvious – they’re both reasonably big, multicultural, metropolitan, modern cities (damn, that alliteration though), but that really came out of the blue for me. Good news I like London!

How un-American it felt

Kinda because it’s so multicultural, New York didn’t feel as American as I expected. Barely anybody commented on our British accents, and nobody asked if we’d met the Queen – quite a disappointment, really. It didn’t even feel like there were that many American accents! Although, conversely, there was a fab ‘Donald: Make America Psycho Again’ poster on the High Line, so that was definitely American!


The Subway Isn’t Very Sub

This might sound stupid but a rather ~shocking revelation~ for me was that large chunks of the subway are not sub at all, but instead go way above ground, often on level with roofs of buildings (or at least on one of very few subway journeys I made, from Manhattan out to Queens, it did). This was pretty awesome but also slightly unnerving when we’d started off by going underground and then suddenly had a view of the NYC skyline stretching out behind us.

The NYC transport department has nothing on TFL

And this definitely isn’t just a patriotic statement of competitiveness. You know how TFL has helpful people hanging around at all the Tube stations for hapless tourists who have no idea how the Underground map works? Yeah, none of that in New York (and I promise I’m only slightly bitter about the extra 30 minutes spent on the subway while we were lost).

The Statue of Liberty is actually quite small

You think it’s huge, right? Crowning glory of NYC, the gateway to America, etc etc. Nope, it’s weirdly small. We saw it on the Staten Island Ferry and we all kinda looked at it, looked through our phones (where it appeared even smaller), looked at each other and were like, “is that it?!”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty majestic, but definitely surprisingly small. We did catch it at sunset though which was basically an Instagram dream (though I haven’t actually Instagrammed it yet…)


Have you been to New York City? Did it live up to your expectations?


And Additionally…

So I guess I should kick this off with a post, shouldn’t I? I’ve started ‘And Additionally…’ because lately I’ve been feeling like there’s so much stuff I want to talk about but just don’t get the chance to – some heavy stuff like politics (Trump,boo) and bits of society and culture, but also your standard lifestyle stuff – fashion, beauty, books, music…a bit of everything, really. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of it out on here!

Oh, and the name of my blog is from the fact that, whenever I have to give a presentation, I find myself saying the word ‘additionally’ an almost obscene amount of times. Just got to much to say, I guess (or a very limited vocabulary if you’re being pessimistic).

Anyway, that’s my plan! We’ll have to wait and see what actually happens…